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Back to the Mix

June 05, 2012 at 11:09 PM

The Comedy Mix is a funny place to get gigs at sometimes. Well most of the time for me. You have to email and be aware that everyone in town wants on there so you may just not hear back. Or in the case of this time around you hear back a few days out a month after you send an email. I've had to bail on a few of these due to real life commitments and I'm glad I didn't have to this time.

The place was packed! Probably 120 people or so in there and I only had a few friends come out. John Beuhler was MCing and he paid me back a couple beers I spotted him the last time we were on a show together at the Anza. THere were also a bunch of regulars: Jordan Cohen, Eve Darcy, Manraj Sidhu, Jan Ita, Phil Hanley, and headlining was Patrick Maliha. Great group of comics and I enjoyed the heck out of hanging in the green room with them.

My performance wasn't as great as it could have been. I kind of rushed things and didn't let the audience finish their laugh cycles. I was keenly concerned with time and I really shouldn't have been, I cut one of my bits I was going to do anyway so in the end I bet I didn't even hit 5 minutes. Still I'm being hard on myself, I got all the laughs I could have wanted at the parts I wanted. My new bit on crossing guard kids and flaggers is killing and so is sexting. I'll keep polishing them.

Will try to get these blog posts going again. I don't know if anyone actually reads them (post a comment if you do!) but I like em for myself anyway.


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