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Yukking it up at Yuk Yuks

April 18, 2012 at 1:07 PM

Yuk Yuk's is Open and Ready for Business.

Whoo kay, so Yuk Yuk's reopened about a month ago in Vancouver and I was eager to get on the show. Unfortunately there was something a lot bigger going on in town on this night. Game 4 of the Stanley Cup playoff series with LA and Vancouver. There were only about 5-8 real customers in there plus about 10 or so comics. The MC Chris Molineux was really friendly and encouraging. I felt comfortable in the space right away. My set itself went about as well as expected for that kind of crowd. I mostly focused on the table of paying patrons up front. They seemed to enjoy it. I left afterwards and managed to stay spoiler free the whole time regarding the game results. I got home and watched the spirited Canucks take the win.


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