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Website's Are Hard!

February 28, 2014 at 11:12 AM

Well guys, I suck at blogging it appears. Did you know I did once write a really detailed blog for a year or so. I almost broke up with my girlfriend over it though for being a little too candid. It's still up over at if you're really curious.

So I've been resting on my comedy laurels a bit lately. I have the weekly show at Falconetti's which I"m now running solo as my partner Travis has dropped out of the show. I'm going to run it this way for a while with fill in people running it when I'm out of town. I like MCing and getting to run things. I do need to get out and do other rooms around town though, I miss that and expect to do more this Spring. I have been hitting the slopes snowboarding a bunch and doing some random things like yoga that have taken some of my free time. Plus I'm all shacked up with my girl Almira now too so that takes some of my focus (happily though I can assure you).

Anyway for my own creative fun I'll try to write some more in here. Thanks for reading!


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