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Lost my cherry at the Comedy Mix

March 20, 2012 at 5:59 PM

I have long held the Comedy Mix on some kind of ridiculous comedy pedestal. It's the club where the biggest names play when they come to town and the place just screams classic comedy club. Its got a proper stage, a proper green room, and it packed right up on the Tuesday night pro-am I performed on. I had a great crew out for this one, about 12-15 people came to support.

I think I figured out the best way to get people out to my shows, just meet new people. All my old friends are hard to drag out, but I had a contingent of new people I met recently make it out. So if you want to be my friend let me know, I'll get you out to a comedy show, then we'll never speak again heh.

Anyway great show, Jane Stanton MCed and Sunnee Dhaliwhal was the headliner. I did about 7 minutes and busted out my newer joke about tandem bikes and my hatred for them. That one is working well. My caulk/cock joke is so damn consistent I don't know how I'll drop it from my repertoire, it slayed again. I felt really pumped and I'll definitely try to get back on that stage again real soon. 

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