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New School Comedy at Darbys

March 27, 2012 at 5:42 PM

First time back at Darby's since Brett Martin and Simon King took it over to run New School Comedy. I was in Las Vegas all weekend and managed 3 nights in a row till 7AM drinking my face off. I then had to get up at 5AM my first day back for a work related trip to Victoria. So you can imagine how my energy level was as I rolled into Darby's around 9PM. Not too good. I just wanted to get my set over and move on to be honest.

Strangely enough though I had one of my better crowd responses from a small crowd in recent memory! I opened up by make some off the cuff jokes about some clothes hanging on a fence outside and coined the term - Hobo Laundry.  Great start to things before I transitioned into my tandem bike and caulk joke. There is a theme at New School where the audience can write topics for the comedians to take a shot at. I grabbed menstruation since my poor roommate got stuck with my dog while I was in Vegas - and my dog went into heat. I got a classic text message - Dude, your dog is bleeding everywhere. What do I do with this shit?

I got some good props from the other comics and stuck around for Dino Archie's set before getting home to some much needed rest! Next up Friday at the Sin Bin. 

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