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Competition Season

June 13, 2016 at 4:26 PM

Had a great night last Saturday at Suzi Rawsome's new competition Vancouver's Funniest Amateur Comedian.  Show was at the Emerald Supper Club, cool new venue in the heart of sketchy town downtown East Side.  The place was packed, the crowd was into it and I drew bullet. Hard to win one of these things without a lot of friends in the crowd but my sister Lindsay Carmichael and her dude Tom came out to support.  Top 6 of 12 advance and I squeaked into 6th place to advance. Yay me. I felt good about it and it helps with some confidence going into the big show at the Comedy Mix on Tuesday for SiriusXM's Top Comic.  I have been doing competitions for 6 years now and they are still fun. You know going in that it's a bit of a crapshoot/who can bring the most friends in a lot of cases but it makes it all the more sweet when you get to advance without that kind of crowd support.  So round 2 of that competition goes June 25th. Come out if you're interested.

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