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Lafflines Showcase

October 18, 2012 at 11:18 PM

Well tonight I was back on stage at Lafflines after a break of several months. It just seems like I was doing a lot of other venues and Laff's slid back on me. I was feeling like I was in a bit of a writing rut so I took Janice Bannister's Advanced comedy class. Its a fun way to connect with fellow comics and work new material and having Jan kick your ass to bring in content is one of the best motivators I have to get it going.

Unfortunately real life and work got in the way a bit for me on this round and I didn't get to polish a lot of new bits the way I wanted. I did settle into a tight 5 minute set though that was all stuff I don't have on film. The other bonus of the end of her classes is that the event gets filmed. We also get paired with a bunch of first time  comics who bring out the finest crowds for comedy I've ever performed for.

So I ended up going bullet which might have scared me in the past, I actually don't mind that spot because you get out there while  the audience is fresh and wants to be entertained, and also they aren't wasted enough yet to heckle! I tried a new bit on shitty Groupons as well as a new one on Dyson Hand Dryers and my summer jokes about Dial Up Porn and Sexting. All in all it went pretty well, I'll get the footage up on here when I get it on youtube.

There were lots of good comics in the newbie mix that I'm sure I'll see more of and of course great job by my fellow classmates Mau Scautolini, Dallas Yellowfly, and Mike Dahlke.

I'll try to get writing more, feeling like I'll have more time for comedy with winter approaching.


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