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Into the People's Champ Competition

June 29, 2012 at 12:53 PM

Last year when I was fairly new to the comedy scene I took place in an annual summer contest held her in Vancouver called the People's Champ. It featured a wide variety of talent and I somehow managed to win my week in the first round.  I was pretty excited by that little victory and narrowly missed advancing the next round as well. I did learn a ton from the contest and the format the featured performing 3 nights in a row was great for building my stage presence.

Fast forward a year and contest organizer Patrick Maliha has secured a top notch sponsor in Shore 104 FM and the biggest prize pool for a comedy contest in Canadian history - $30,000. The winner takes $20,000. This is a big step up and added a lot of weight to the contest. People applied nationwide to get in including lots of touring headliners who gave it a pass last year.  I believe a few hundred applied to get in so just making the cut of the 60 competitors was no sure thing this year. Well I found out that I've made that top 60. Sweet!

The contest will run through the summer and I'll need to gather up anyone I can to come out and support. Its all based on audience balloting so I will need that support. I'll keep you posted and spam the hell out of you on Facebook. Expect it. Love it. Come out and vote.

The list of finalists is posted at


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