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I made it into the Comedy Fest!

February 01, 2013 at 1:31 PM

Well I haven't written for a few months and that's somewhat symptomatic of what my comedy has been like during that period. I've written a couple new bits and I've been plugging away doing shows ever week but I was starting to hit that dreaded sophmore slump. I just wasn't that motivated, I still had fun going on stage but driving around and bugging people for spots and all that was starting to wear a bit.

Well today I got some great comedy news and its given me a boost! I'll be opening for Kyle Dunnigan next Thursday at Lafflines. This is kind of a big deal as its not some amateur show, its a proper international headliner and I'll be doing a feature spot. I have a feeling they snuck a few of us in there so it won't be like a standard 3 comedians setup and I'm one of them but its the Vancouver Comedy Fest and that's becoming a really great event. Time to put my best set together and go kill kill kill!


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